Things you can read about cancer and grief

For various reasons, I’ve been reading a few books (edit: and articles, blogs, etc.) that touch, in different ways, on cancer and grief. I’m collecting these together in the hope they may be useful for others who, like me to some extent, learn by reading about others’ experiences and reflections.

When breath becomes air is a powerful book, a reflection on life and death by a surgeon who became a patient. Well worth it.

The year of magical thinking is the account of someone left behind, someone grieving after the death of long beloved family members. It is honest, and raw, and does not settle for easy answers.

Mortality, by Christopher Hitchens, is one I read a while ago, so it’s faded a little from memory. What I remember though is the courage  with which he bore down on the concrete expression of his convictions.

Hope beyond cure is a book written by David McDonald, on his experience with lung cancer. It wasn’t a book I expected to appreciate, but I was glad I’d read it.

The friend is a powerful personal essay by someone who went through a harrowing death of his partner. It’s a very real account of the mess that can happen.

Because of the way things are, there’ll be a few other books I’ll add to this list when I finish them.


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