What’s on Netflix

Netflix has been doing well with the independently commissioned pieces recently (although while it’s refreshing now, it’s in a terrifying position to dominate things in the future).

It’s been a while since the first season of Master of None, but it’s worth the wait. I’m only a few episodes into the second season, but it’s fun, warm, and almost borders on being through provoking at points. It’s not ScrubsParks and Recreation, or the American Office, but it’s warm and fuzzy at a time when there’s not enough warm and fuzzy TV out there.

Dear White People is a TV show following on from the movie that Netflix snapped up. The creator takes the time, in the expanded format, to unpack all the characters, and it’s well worth it. There are some great reviews out there. I’ll just add my two cents: It’s great TV, and well worth it.

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