Hidden figures was a lot of fun, and a great watch. It tells the story of black women, working at NASA in an era when both categories suffered discrimination. It shows how they struggled on multiple fronts, and celebrates some incredible successes, particularly note worthy given the context.

I have no idea if it’s historically accurate – apparently some of the characters are composites, though.

I don’t have much expertise in this area; but it certainly felt to me that the movie dealt well in explicitly showing the racism its protagonists faced. There was no simple finish line; there were victories, but they were still pushing up hill. And it doesn’t resort to cute metaphors, or symbolism – instead it shows a woman forced to drink from a separate coffee urn because of the colour of her skin, and forced to walk three times the distance because she isn’t allowed to use a nearby toilet.

Well worth it.

Demain, or Tomorrow 

Demain is a fascinating piece. There have been a lot of movies and stories about the environmental crisis we’re facing, and what climate change means. The focus of Demain is slightly different; it knows that the problem is already well publicized, and it’s interested in where the solutions are.

I think it does a good job of pushing beyond the environmental to the social and economic, in a few dimensions. It doesn’t give a single answer, which can feel a little fuzzy, but that’s probably a strength, more than anything else.

I learnt that the local currency movement exists, which is something I’d had no idea about – it’s intriguing.

The film does well in being aware of the camera – it shows us the camera, before it shows us the shots; somehow that helps to make it feel more authentic. It also has a great soundtrack, which makes it doubly worth while.


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