At the movies

I’ve been to the movies a few times recently. Some quick notes:

Max and Leon

I’m not linking to anything, because this film is awful; both artistically, and offensively. I can’t express how strongly I recommend not seeing this film.

Kung Fu Hustle

This movie was … a mild disappointment. It might be funnier if you’re very into Kung Fu. It’s trying, but it’s not succeeding.

Kill Bill II

I watched Kill Bill a while ago; so it was nice to see the second instalment. It’s as beautiful and as touching as the first. And I think it’s a testament to Tarantino’s gifts that it only becomes clear in the final scenes that in fact the whole thing has been a love story all along. And he makes it all feel natural and simple. Worth it.

The Odyssey

The Odyssey is the story of the love between a father and a son. It’s also, tangentially, the story of Jacques-Yves Costeau, famed sea explorer. He starts as a pilot who can no longer fly; his sense of adventure and drama takes him to the sea, then the screen. Along the way he womanises, misses his father’s funeral, and alienates his family.

What redeems him? Not much, really. He reaches out to his son, a little; and when his son responds, he makes the choice to respond to his son’s concerns, and campaign over the environment. It’s not much of a plot, but it’s enough to hang beautiful scenes on.

Not terrible, but don’t be too bothered if you miss it.


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