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I’ve been reading a few things recently, but my keyboard is giving me no joy. Just links for now:

One of the more fascinating phenomenons in contemporary politics is voters are using different yardsticks to measure politics and politicians. If you possess the magic of being able to convince your supporters you are somehow outside the rules of the game, that you are something different, that you are agent of transformation, then it seems you can get away with being judged by a different standard.

I was really struck by this during a field trip I did in South Australia at the end of last year. I spent several days talking to Xenophon supporters, and it was clear people warmed to him because he validated their concerns, and he had a go at trying to help people.

Results really weren’t that important. In an environment where collective expectations in voter land are low – empathy, plain speaking, appearing authentic, having a crack, sticking it up the status quo, seems to count for a lot.

  • Sydney Review of Books, Bad Writer is thought provoking, but doesn’t discuss plot.

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