More articles

I’ve been reading books too, I promise. But it’ll take a little while longer to get through those.

Some quick notes:

  • Why nothing works anymore‘ by Ian Bogost (The Atlantic, of course) doesn’t have much of a theoretical framework, but captures something interesting about technology:

In that future, technology’s and humanity’s goals split from one another, even as the latter seems ever more yoked to the former. Like people ignorant of the plight of ants, and like ants incapable of understanding the goals of the humans who loom over them, so technology is becoming a force that surrounds humans, that intersects with humans, that makes use of humans—but not necessarily in the service of human ends.

  • Jay Rosen’s article on ‘Steve Bannon’s Styrofoam Balls‘ over at PressThink is encouraging, perhaps even overly optimistic. Reality rolls all of us, eventually.

As soon as you let on that you’re using the news media the way other people do — to find out what’s happening, for real — you’re showing reality that it can roll you.

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