Article round-up

Some articles I thought were interesting. Mostly politics, although not exclusively.


Tim Miller, former Jeb Bush communications advisor, writes about what it’s like to know you’re losing a race, and how Trump compares to others under pressure –Donald Trump Is on a Presidential Death March We’ve Never Seen Before.

Matthew Yglesias has an interesting note on the demographic coalition that is the Democrat base, and how large it is –There’s a new “silent majority,” and it’s voting for Hillary Clinton.

Virginia Heffernan continues in the tradition of pieces on what’s happening inside Trump’s head, and how he behaves – this time, showing why there is so much material in the Stern Tapes. How Howard Stern Owned Donald Trump.

Mark Leibovich writes about the Clinton campaign – worth reading for several wonderful quotes, including ‘I’m the Last Thing Standing Between You and the Apocalypse’.

Olivia Nuzzi writes about some of the people who are in the limelight, but usually only thought of in relation to Trump – the ‘surrogates’ (a term I’ve only heard this election) – and one in particular: The Desperate Gamble of Scottie Nell Hughes, World’s Most Loyal Trump Surrogate.

Some interesting pieces on particular industries under the Obama administration, including Michael Pollon on Why Did the Obamas Fail to Take On Corporate Agriculture?and Justin Elliott on industry concentration in the airline sector, in The American Way

Other things

Forrest Stuart gives an account of doing sociology in Chicago – Dispatches from the Rap Wars. An interesting read.

Ta Nehisi-Coates has written about mass incarceration, which is where I first came across the question as it’s often posed now. Colby Frazier writes about a tragic case in Salt Lake City, in The Weather Inside

Oh, and this incredibly moving, and well-reported piece on intellectual property, justice, and The Lion King – In the Jungle, by Rian Mallan.


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