Ready Player One and Star Trek (2009)

Ready Player One is mildly entertaining, if you want something that’ll draw a part of your attention but not demand much. The writing is sloppy in the extreme, with none of the tautness or focus you’d expect from a polished piece of work. That style, which involves so much (unnecessary) telling rather than skillful showing, was reminiscent of some of the worse piece I read in a creative writing class I took.

The nostalgia porn is unnecessary and painful. As one reviewer over at Goodreads asks, why would you spend the 2040s obsessed with the 1980s? What a waste.

Star Trek has been around, in one form or another, since 1966. As someone who’d only ever seen half an episode of one of the TV shows, I came to the 2009 movie cold. It didn’t do much for me. Critics liked it, but to me it just felt like a sequence of improbable and unnecessary scenes, strung together along an awkward story line.

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