Inventing the future

I’d had a few people recommend Inventing the future to me, so I was interested to read it. It’s an intriguing piece.

Alex Williams and Nick Srnicek are both ‘accelerationists‘ – to this uninformed reader, it seems an interesting mixture of determinism and a focus on how agency can influence the future.

Their book starts with a critique of what they call ‘folk politics’. Their exact definition is in the book, but it’s associated with the small, the local, the unstrategic. Instead they argue that political movements should be strategic at a macro scale, thinking in terms of the drivers of political debate, and how to shift them at multiple levels.

They then set out their plans for what a major political project could look like, including a focus on universal automation and universal basic income, as tools to restructure society.

There’s more to it than that, but that’s a part of it. If you find politics interesting, this is worth a read.


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