What if fantasy heroes hired management consultants for project management?

I’m enjoying The Final Empire. The writing isn’t perfect, but it’s enough to carry the story, and there are some pieces I do enjoy. Though it’s heavy-handed at times, the questions about perspective, power and class are mildly interesting.

My favourite part, though, was when the leader of a rebellion hired a group of criminals – for their project management skills:

Previous attempts to overthrow the Lord Ruler have failed because they lacked proper organization and planning. We’re thieves, gentlemen– and we’re extraordinarily good ones. We can rob the unrobbable and fool the unfoolable. We know how to take an incredibly large task and break it down to manageable pieces, then deal with each of those pieces. We know how to get what we want. Those things make us perfect for this particular task.

They then go on to discuss a profit-sharing arrangement.


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