‘Men in Black 3’ and ‘Arrested Development’ Season

I’ve been watching quite a lot of TV recently.

Men in Black 3 was fun, in a ‘brain turned off’ kind of way.

Having said that, it’s well put together. The plot moves quickly, it’s funny,  and a twisting loop at the end manages to be meaningful without being too saccharine.

It was interesting to see the movie deal with Will Smith going back to 1969. One direct comment and two racist cops later, and then it wasn’t really touched on at all.

Arrested Development Season 4 was fun, overall. I think it’s a credit to Netflix’s ability to microtarget, that they can make it worth while bringing back smaller, niche shows that have been well received.

One of the things I enjoyed in the show was the interlocking plots. Departing from the first three seasons, the Netflix season follows different characters each episode. As the season progresses, we see their paths crossing and stories overlapping as the same scene is shown two, three, or four times. It might feel like cheating that certain angles or segments of conversation are hidden till it’s convenient for the narrative, but they manage to make it work.

One of the perpetually unresolved tensions in the first three seasons was watching Michael never quite pull himself together enough to walk away, and start a new life without his family.

That was the premise behind season four, but it dissolves into seeing him be dragged back into the family dysfunction, and himself become one of the dysfunctional characters, squatting in his son’s dorm (granted, to hilarious effect). So it was a relief, in some sense, to see George Michael punch his dad in the face – finally, a small, positive step towards independence.

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