Tron: Legacy  was mildly entertaining. I’d put it in the ‘watch if you’re mildly sick on a couch’ category.

Having said which, the plot and movie felt at points nonsensical [SPOILER ALERT: From here on out I’m talking plot points, particularly the conclusion of the movie]. 

There was the point where a virtual plane in a simulated universe flew upwards, and then stalled. Really? In this hypothetical, imaginary universe where airplanes materialise out of … thin air, and run on invisible fuel, stalling is a real risk?

More importantly, how is it that a son loses his father for decades, is briefly re-united only to see his father taken forever in a tragic fight – then exits a simulated universe, five minutes later, and is enthusiastic about taking over a company, and doesn’t grieve at all for his father? That felt completely implausible to me.


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