Unbreakable optimism

I’ve been watching a lot of TV recently. I’d seen a trailer for Unbreakable a while ago, and thought it looked ridiculous. It is, in a way.

The story itself takes a somewhat intense idea, and then treats it as an almost irrelevant backstory. Kimmy Schmidt is a 29 year old woman finding her way in New York after fifteen years of being held prisoner in a bunker. But most of the story is about the small, daily things – finding a job, making friends, dealing with a crazy boss.

It’s in those challenges that the spirit of the show shines through. Kimmy Schmidt’s spirit is one of indomitable optimism. There’s a scene early on where she faces a world crumbling around her – not the past she’s come from, but the future she’s trying to build. Her response? That she simply will keep fighting, and smiling.

That’s a warm sentiment; and at times it can feel a little ‘chicken-soupy’, but it’s also cheery and uplifting, and sometimes you need it. Since Parks and Recreation and The Office (the US version) have finished, I’ve been looking for something that’s cheerful about the world, that’s basically optimistic about the capacity of a protagonist to do something that brings about a happy ending. Unbreakable doesn’t reach the level of something like Parks and Recreation or The Office, and I don’t know that it will. But if you want something cheerful with a colour palette that explodes on the screen, worth watching.


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