The Graveyard Book

I’ve liked a lot of what I’ve read by Neil Gaiman, so I was excited to grab The Graveyard Book off the shelf when I saw one I hadn’t read. It didn’t disappoint.

It’s a kids book, so it’s a fun, easy read – but I still enjoyed it. It has a lot of what makes Gaiman so great; a sense of magic, of adventure, but also a sense that the world will, ultimately be okay. [SPOILER ALERT: From here on out I may discuss plot]. 

For all of that, though, there is still a very real sense of fear in parts of the book. In one section, there’s a very real moment where a boy stands in a small room with a man who plans to stab him with a knife. It’s a scary moment to read, and I think it’s the fact that the danger – and the fear – are real that give Gaiman’s writing that sense that it matters. Yes, there’s warmth, but there’s also very real danger.

This is the trailer that’s up on YouTube, narrated by Gaiman himself. The book isn’t nearly as gloomy or scary as the trailer makes out though.

And for fun, here’s the trailer for Stardust, that beautiful piece based on another Gaiman book.


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