Trashy TV

I’ve been sick for a few days, and I’m likely to be so for a little while. All of which to say that I’m watching some trashy TV, sitting on my couch.

Jump Street 22 was funny if you’re sick, and looking for something brain dead, which I was. I was very conscious that it was the kind of funny that a young white male finds funny; which is okay as far as it goes, but there should be other kinds of humour out there. But it gets points for not taking itself too seriously.

Jump Street 21 (which I watched later) was similar enough to be funny when you’re tired.

I also re-watched Star Wars Episodes IV, V and VI. Amazing, really, how good they are decades on. I will say, though, that it’s interesting seeing the gender roles from this decade; by which I mean that Han doesn’t ask questions that he should, and it seems to fall to Leia to have the emotional intelligence in the relationship.

Pacific Rim was fun. I liked it a lot. I liked a romantic partnership of equals – that was satisfying. I also liked the enormous robots fighting giant monsters. Deeply fun to watch, in a childish way. Although I will say – why did it take them so long to figure out that using swords would cut a monster in half? Surely if that strategy works, you wouldn’t resort to punching it in the face half a dozen times? A minor point.


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