Good fiction

I’ve had the chance to read a little fiction recently, and it’s been a lot of fun.

Quantum Thief was like nothing I’d quite expected. Fascinating and intricate; hard to follow, and fun. It’s an excellent piece of fiction; not just because there are interesting ideas, unpacked in the story, but because the story itself is beautifully structured and told.

Love in the time of cholera has been well-reviewed elsewhere, so I won’t say too much. It’s clearly a beautiful book, and GG Marquez writes beautifully. I agree with others that I was disappointed some of the characters who were so well described early in the piece weren’t resolved by the end. Perhaps the best explanation I read was that Juvenal Urbino is a contrast, a man who can’t bear the thought of ageing (which is in stark contrast to the rest of the book). The topic of how art treats ethics is a complex one; but for what it’s worth, I thought the child abuse in the novel was  handled really poorly – one of the points that detracted from what was overall an excellent read.


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