While We’re Young

I saw While We’re Young this evening. I really enjoyed it. It’s an excellent movie, that picks apart a few different things including generations, and truth in narrative, and knowing who you are. It’s not perfect, but it was pretty well done.

There are a few focii for the film. One is the generational issue; a couple growing older without children, torn between their peers with young babies, and then somehow losing themselves in a relationship with a younger couple. There are questions about artistic integrity and competitiveness – telling the truth in a documentary, and how competitive and ruthless you need to be to be a good artist. That was an interesting angle too.

One point where I think the movie failed to fire a Chekhov Gun was that throughout, we see Jamie filming; but there’s no real recognition of that, apart from a few shots. It would have made sense to me to see some of that footage, or where it ended up.

I think this is the first Baumbach I’ve seen; I’d be interested in seeing his other pieces. Worth watching.


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