I’ve been watching and enjoying Borgen a lot recently. I know that in doing so I come to the party quite late, as it first came out in 2010.

The first season I found dragged a little, after the initial episodes on forming a government. While it seems reasonable to include a plotline on the family strains that being a prime minister might involve, it felt by the end that I was just watching a sitcom whose main character happened to be prime minister. More like 1600 Penn, which is not a show that I’m interested in.

But it picks up in season two. There are episodes that centre around genuine political, policy questions. What should the government do on troop commitment in Iraq? How should it manage relations with Greenland and the US? (Although possibly the latter was season one). What happens when your junior coalition partner is having a leadership coup? Those are all interesting stories, and I’m enjoying see them play out.

It’s still TV, and if you wanted to there are multiple holes that could be poked. But it’s fun, and I’m enjoying it.

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