Justice and moving forward

I read a good article recently, on the murder of civil rights volunteers in the sixties. There’s a lot in there, but one part in particular jumped out at me. The author quotes two different sources, that say

How can we say to the world we’ve changed, when we’ve never dealt with the past?

and that a failure to bring about a just resolution,

… would only further compound the wrong

It’s easy to say, I think, that we should let bygones be bygones. And I think sometimes, there may be something to be said for that. But there’s a cost to letting things go, without acknowledging suffering, without recognising and redressing injustice. Depending on the issue, it can be something fundamental, that shapes how a country sees itself in the future.

I don’t know much about Australian history – certainly not as much as I’d like to. I’m glad we had the apology to the Stolen Generation. I just worry that there are other acts that will echo down, and will need apologies as well.


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