Articles I’ve been reading

I’ve been reading quite a few longform articles recently; partially because it’s easy to read things on my phone in small chunks of time; and easy to find good material, as it’s collated over at

There’s this article on how even class and wealth can’t always protect you against racism. My own (limited) understanding of race, class, and other intersections is very much informed by the excellent things that Ta-Nehisi Coates writes.

There’s an interesting article by an author reflecting on the comments on her own articles (for what it’s worth, I think printing the worst of them and putting them on your fridge is not a healthy way to deal with it). The article (to my mind) flails a little, before settling on a somewhat trite acknowledgement that some comments are helpful and constructive, as well as devastating. A more illuminating piece, I think, is this investigation of how Facebook and other services screen content [trigger warning: some sexual violence and cruelty to animals discussed]; essentially, using cheap labour as a filter to screen the worst content (often with devastating effects on those doing the grunt work).

Then a lovely piece over at Vanity Fair that puts the Amazon/Hachette dispute in context.


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