There’s an interesting piece on Serial, a pod-cast I haven’t come across before, over at The Atlantic. Serial is apparently a pod-cast about the work of an investigative reporter writing on a murder case, detailing the work behind the scenes (talking to sources, piecing together a narrative) that goes into stories published in papers.

I find stories and narratives fascinating, although I have no over-arching framework. But there’s a nice reflection on different layers and contexts for stories:

There’s something disorienting, she says, about the way the conversation about the show feels akin to the kind of discussion you might find on a subreddit about Lost. Maybe the ethical implications of this kind of storytelling are less McLuhanian—they’re not so much about the medium being the message—and more about the cultural context that shapes this moment in broadcast. In other words, maybe it has more to do with the show’s listeners than it does with its producers.


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