The Maze

I recently finished The Maze Runner, which someone had recommended to me (and was recently made into a movie). I wasn’t blown away.

The Maze Runner is a story of a boy who wakes up in a strange place, with no memory of anything that came before. He wants to escape, but everyone is extremely slow in giving him information, and nothing quite makes sense.

The second part, unfortunately, is close to a reasonable description of The Maze. The writing felt disconnected, jumpy; as though the author were reading out a plot outline, and occasionally remembering to describe things, rather than a smooth, coherent narrative.

In The Rhetoric of Fiction, Booth argues that we generally read stories because we like the world that’s created, we feel a bond with the characters, or we want to find out what happens next. I wanted, to a certain extent, to find out what happened next. So I finished the book. It finishes, predictably, on a cliff hanger. But I’m definitely not reading any more of the series; I skimmed the wiki for some details, and that was enough for me.


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