Articles and such

Some interesting pieces I’ve come across. One is from The Atlanticanother example of automation (electronic, in this case) replacing human workers (in this case, writers). It’s a trend that I think has extended for centuries; ever since the first human domesticated an animal or used a tool, I suppose. But I think it’s getting faster.

And, from a different source – the very excellent [sometimes NSFW] a beautiful statement, excerpted from a post on a grilling thermometer:

… this is a world whose economy is bolstered by convincing us that skills are too much work, and that the goods we consume are the one true way to a life well lived. Our ingenuity, we’re told, is just a way for us to cheap out on buying the good stuff. Our techniques and traditions are too time-consuming and cerebral to compete with a stock image of a smiling face next to a piece of shit we have to buy to live a complete life. Our time is stolen and sold back to us as convenience. Our health is stolen and sold back to us as pills. And at the end of it, we still fight with each other, endlessly, to the last moment. Not for truth, happiness, or love, but to get more shit

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