The Rosie Project

I’ve just finished reading The Rosie Project. It was fun, readable, and I tore through it in two days. I think it can be easy to think of something that’s very readable as not being great writing. And to be fair, The Rosie Project isn’t life changing, or an artistic masterpiece. But one thing I did like was how the narrator’s voice was consistent; giving what (in the author’s view) was a narrative as told by someone very logically focused, without much emotional valence. 

I haven’t had a chance to read up on genuine first hand accounts of autistic spectrum disorder experiences, although I’d like to. I have no idea if they’re similar, in any way, or completely different. I imagine, though, that things are a lot harder, and if there’s change it happens a lot more slowly. 

So I don’t know what research Graeme Simsion did, or whether it’s a reasonable representation. But it’s a fun read.