Reading time!

I’ve had a little time to catch up on reading recently.

The Shadow of the Wind was a very fun read. Baroque, gothic, but with a good sense of humour too (you can see the author laughing at himself as he revels in what he’s doing). It’s not the greatest thing you’ll ever read, but it’s lots of fun.

The left hand of darkness was also fun. Somewhat dragging at points; my feeling is that it’s very hard to do a compelling narrative unless you have some level of character development, or at least interesting characters, at the centre; this didn’t cut it for me. There is, of course, some history about it being one of the early pieces to write about gender from a different perspective – I don’t feel qualified to comment intelligently on that though.

3 thoughts on “Reading time!

  1. cellenbogen May 16, 2013 / 3:07 am

    Loved Shadow of the Wind. The next two let me down, though.

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