Writing while the world watches

I’m in the middle of a good article on Game of Thrones – it captures a lot of what I like about the books.

But I’m intrigued by a line in the middle of the article: 

The books tell this story …

And I’m struck because I think it’s easy to forget, given how big the series has become, that there’s still just one man, sitting at a desk, writing away. I wouldn’t want that pressure, to be honest (although I am also one of the fans wanting him to get back to the books – forget all this other stuff – before he dies). 

I can’t imagine what it must be like, knowing that you’re going to make up (perhaps he’s already made it up, and just has to tell people?) the ending to a story that millions of people are waiting to hear. 

We talk about the books as though they’re canon, something settled and finished, but … it’s just one man, telling a story.


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