Now that the weather’s warmer, I’ve been walking around a little more with my camera.

Along the streets.


On the sidewalk outside the secret police (former KGB/internal security) building.Image

Past Government house after a light dusting of snow.Image

The next weekend I wandered into the Natural History Museum, where they have a dinosaur hall. You’re not actually allowed to take photos, but there’s a balcony overlooking it from a different floor, so that was okay. I particularly liked the shadows the dinosaur skeletons cast.


I was also struck by this display of two skeletons (not sure if they’re real, or what they’re meant to convey) – I really liked the dim lighting and the way they just grinned back at the museum visitor.


After lunch, a final stop at the гандин monastery


Where I saw the amazing three story statue in the main temple. For a number of reasons these photos aren’t great – I found it hard to capture a sense of how big the thing is. It really is three stories tall, and in this high, dusty building. It’s quite an experience. ImageImage



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